About Pacon Skip Hire

Pacon Waste and Recycling Ltd provides a comprehensive skip hire service, supplying sites throughout Fingal, Dublin City, South County Dublin, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, Louth and East Meath for both domestic and trade customers. This coverage enables us to keep transport costs down, and to ensure a prompt response to ALL your skip hire requirements.

Our extensive choice of skips are practical and easy to use and are suitable for a wide range of waste types, including, brick, concrete, hardcore, metals, plastics, timber and other non-hazardous materials. Our skips are available for hire in a variety of sizes and types including the small mini skip hire service(2.5 cyds) and mini hire service (4cyds), a full range of builders’ skips (6cyds) and the large roll-on-roll-off skips (20-35 cyds). With Pacon Waste and Recycling Ltd. you phone just one number – 01 841 7000 for an immediate response to all your requests, including up to the minute delivery and collection information from our transport department.

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A little bit more about our business.

skip-hire-fleetPacon Waste and Recycling was founded to provide best service and practice in all areas of waste management and specialise in the commercial, industrial, residential and construction waste sector. We operate a state of the art Materials Recovery Facility in Balbriggan, North County Dublin.

Pacon’s team have extensive experience in all areas of waste management including waste handling, environmental regulation, service provision and transport logistics to provide all our clients with the best possible waste management service.

During this period, the Company has built up a large customer base on the back of its uncompromising attitude to service levels and good customer relations. The current Client listings comprise of some of Irelands blue chip companies and household names.

The Company Principals have the benefit of the experience of operating and managing a skip hire business at a high level together with having an in-depth knowledge of the waste industry gained from many years of involvement. All senior sales management and personnel in addition to having a solid knowledge of the industry have had in house specialist training in the particular areas specific to the Company’s areas of activity and services.

Through its in house Waste Management Consultancy team Pacon provide ongoing assessments advising customers on best waste management practice specific to their particular sites and waste streams. By working closely with our Client base in this regard we have been able to introduce systems and solutions resulting in substantial cost savings in a majority of cases. Working closely through individually tailored educational programmes customers are encouraged to “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”.

standard So as to ensure the high quality of skip hire service for which The Company is now renowned only the most modern vehicles and equipment available in the market place are operated. All personnel employed across all divisions go through an intense induction and a specialist training programme prior to commencement of employment. Our dedicated and fast growing team at all levels are encouraged to participate in the decision making process which may have an impact in their particular areas of operations.

The Company has recently invested heavily in a new recycling facility at Balbriggan in North County Dublin. This brand new Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) is constructed on a Greenfield site within 10 minutes of the M1 Motorway. It is equipped with processing equipment which is deemed to be at the cutting edge of today’s technology. As a result we are achieving recovery rates of up to 85% of waste throughput with only 15% being diverted to landfill. We promote vigorously the reuse of all recyclates and endeavour to find sustainable markets for all recovered materials.


The Company is fully licensed and operates in compliance with all Irish Government, EU and Local Authority Directives as is currently applied to the waste industry recovery and disposal activities. We pride ourselves on running the most responsive, dependable and customer friendly skip hire service catering for all skip hire needs from big construction projects to a small domestic clear out.

Pacon Waste and Recycling:

  • Employs a full time Environmental Officer who has extensive knowledge and experience of the waste industry.
  • Employs a full time Health & Safety Officer and provides extensive training to all personnel to ensure operations are carried out safely and in accordance with the Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and General Application regulations 2007.
  • Has a company and site specific Safety Statement and Risk Assessment Programme that are reviewed on a regular basis.
  • Is presently implementing a Quality system which adheres to International Standards for Quality (ISO9001), Environmental Management (ISO14001) and Health and Safety (OHSAS18001) – all of which are audited on a regular basis by an independent body.
  • Publishes Annual Environmental Reports which are submitted to the local authorities and are available for public examination.
  • Is fully transparent in maintaining on public file its environmental compliance records and reports. The company also makes available for inspection copies of its licenses and permits.
  • Carries out all of its activities in full compliance with the requirements of the Waste Management Acts, 1996 – 2005.
  • Pacon Waste and Recycling have been nominated in the Environment Category at the Fingal Dublin Chamber Business Awards.

Environmental Department

The Environmental Department at Pacon Waste and Recycling implements the company’s rigorous environmental policies and ensures that both Pacon Waste and Recycling and its clients meet their obligations under both EU and Irish regulations. Pacon Waste and Recycling has an environmentally committed track record which means you can be assured that all activities are carried out in compliance with the requirements of the Waste Management Acts, all relevant Health and Safety legislation and codes of practice. The company provides resources, training and controls to ensure that all company activities adhere to all applications of legislation. For our existing clients, we provide accurate monthly waste statistics and reporting presented in a professional format which are both e-mailed and sent directly to the client in hard copy.

Operators Licence

A Skip Operators Licence is a licence to provide skips for hire and for use on public roads and footpaths. Dublin City Council DCC Licence Number 27 – allows the company to provide skips for hire and/or for use on public roads/ footpaths subject to compliance with Dublin City Council, Control of Skip Bye-Laws 1999.

Waste Collection Permits

The collection of waste from any county requires a Waste Collection Permit for that county as required by the Waste Management (Collection Permit) Regulations 2001. Pacon Waste and Recycling hold a Nationwide Waste Collection Permit issue number WCP-DC-08-1149-01.


Waste Permit

The Local Authority (Fingal County Council) has issued Pacon Waste and Recycling Ltd. with a waste permit for its Materials Recovery Facility in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin issue No: WPT 122.

All permits and licences are kept on site and can be provided to our customers on request.

Health and Safety

Pacon Waste and Recycling’s overall approach to Health and Safety is summarised in its Health & Safety Policy. Pacon Waste and Recycling are currently in the process of being accredited to the Health and Safety Standard, ISO 18001. Pacon Waste and Recycling have a qualified full time health & safety officer to prepare site safety statements. The preparation of the safety statement comprises a comprehensive risk identification and mitigation process. It is the responsibility of the site safety officer in conjunction with the facility manager to continually manage site health & safety.

Pacon Waste and Recycling have the following objectives in relation to Health and Safety:

  • To provide an incident and injury free workplace for all of our employees.
  • To foster a safety culture among all our employees and create an environment in which this culture can grow.
  • To provide the necessary information, training and equipment to enable our employees to carry out their duties safely.
  • To listen and respond to safety issues raised by our employees formally or informally.
  • To maintain an effective accident and incident reporting system to ensure speedy reporting.
  • To ensure immediate follow up of all accidents and incidents to establish root cause and avoid reoccurrence.

The company recognises the paramount importance of safeguarding the Health and Safety of staff and the general public.

Organic Waste

Our service partner provides a specialist composting service for food and organic waste for industry which includes canteens, restaurants, food production companies and hotels. With its in vessel composting facility, they specialise in the management of bulk food waste. All organic waste collected is composted in an environmentally friendly way.

The technology used is the In-Vessel Tunnel Composting System. Composting occurs in the tunnel at a high temperature which kills all pathogens. In-Vessel composting can produce larger quantities in a relatively small area more quickly than windrow composting and can accommodate animal by-products. A reasonably clean input waste stream produces compost that can be used as a soil improver for agriculture, horticultural or soil improvement.

The oxygen, temperature, moisture and ammonia are distributed very well in this type of system. Therefore the organic fraction is composted extremely efficiently into the tunnels. Depending on the input material and the requested compost output the composting process in tunnels takes between 2 and 4 weeks. After this period the material finishes the composting process on an aerated floor.